Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome to Emily's Garden

Oh, ladies, we have a FABULOUS gift idea for you!

Emily's Garden is a collection of luxurious bath & body amenities, handmade in the USA. These are like nothing you have ever seen – or felt, or smelled! Think soft. Think luscious. Think comforting.

Perhaps the 'mink' texture fur Back & Body Massage Wrap will be what you crave. Made from soft faux fur in both warm chocolate and creamy vanilla colors, and filled with lavender, you pop it into the microwave for two minutes and it stays warm for half an hour. Imagine the fragrance of lavender calming you as warmth relaxes your muscles in neck, shoulders, or lower back. You can feel the stress melt away!

How about 'Aromatherapy for Feet'? Add a pair of the soft fleece Booties, which also warm up in the microwave, and your feet will be warm and toasty, too. Wear these lovelies to bed on a cold winter night, spray your pillows with scented Pillow Spray, and you'll drift off to dreamland on a cloud!

For the ultimate luxury, we girls know that chocolate is always right. How about chocolate with no calories?! Emily's Garden Massage Oils & Body Butters come in Chocolate Almond and Dark Chocolate Raspberry scents… and these fragrances will make you swoon, we promise. (We suggest having a few delicious real chocolates on hand when using these products, for a completely decadent chocolate experience!)

Perfect as a gift for a special someone (oh, yes, men will love the chocolate body butter & massage oils, too!) or as an indulgent way to ring in the New Year for yourself, Emily's Garden is pure luxury - at wonderfully reasonable prices.

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