Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Masion Blance La Craie, that’s French for “the chalk” paint.

Have you heard?  Faded Elegance is carrying Maison Blanche’s Paint Company’s products.  I have had so many requests over the years for my paint colors and instruction on painting furniture.  I have looked far and wide for a quality product that met my high standards.  I am proud to stock the Masion Blance La Craie, that’s French for “the chalk” paint.  This is a high premium Furniture Paint that will adhesion to almost any surface.  La Craie contains no harsh chemical drying agents. This means a longer "open time" or "wet time" allowing the paint to settle and smooth as it dries to a velvety finish and reduces the likelihood of chalk balls.

I have tried many different waxes over the years and the Maison Blanche Paint Company's Antique Wax is the best.  This wax is a premium formulation that has been manufactured from an Old Dutch recipe for over 100 years. The best part is a little goes a long way and with the La Craie no need to apply clear Antique Wax prior to applying Dark Brown Antique Wax! 
One of the many exciting things about The Maison Blanche line are the different products available that can make your projects truly custom and one of a kind.  I’ve been working with the Le Dirt antiquing dust and Glacage Embossing Crème and will post about it very soon.  Use Le Dirt in conjunction with other Maison Blanche Paint Company products to create a believably authentic, delicately aged finish.  Glacage Embossing Crème is furniture refinishing texture medium used to transform furniture and cabinetry into fantastic custom creations. Glacage is an acrylic, water-based, thick texturing cream that mimics the look and feel of intricately carved wood. Create beautiful textured finishes over wood, cabinetry, and previously painted furniture.
{New French Desk that I painted with Silver Mink and waxed with clear wax.} 
Starting March 2013 I will be teaching painting technique classes using the Maison Blanche products at Faded Elegance, so keep posted for details.
Check out what my friend Cheree of With a Twist says about La Craie.  Cheree is one of my talented dealers at Faded Elegance.

Happing painting~ Kimberly