Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Shining Light

Kimberly McIlrath, owner of Faded Elegance, was invited to be one of seven speakers at an entreprenurial panel presentation today, at Everett Community College. Kimberly and six other local business luminaries, including Melody Biringer of CRAVE and Biringer Farms, appeared and spoke as part of a celebration of National Entrepreneurs Week. The presentation was hosted by EvCC’s School of Business Design, which offers degrees and certificates in entrepreneurship.

All of us who are involved with Faded Elegance are so proud of Kimberly for her great attitude and willingness to give back to the community. We recognize and applaud her for inspiring future generations of Main Street entrepreneurs!

Everett Community College Entrepreneurs' Panel Event Info

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Candles, Romance, Beauty, Et Al....

We'd like to introduce you to a lovely line of handmade 100% natural beeswax candles that we are proud to offer you at Faded Elegance. Et Al Designs was founded in 1994 by Alina Bednarz, after a long & successful career in fashion design. Her goal is to design candles and accessories that bring beauty, creativity, and harmony to every environment.

Alina began manufacturing 100% natural beeswax candles and candelabras in her native Poland, learning to appreciate the art and beauty of the centuries-old handrolled candle tradition as she watched local artisans ply their craft. Using time-honored methods, Alina designed distictive candles with inlaid semi-precious stones, grains, cutouts and appliques that captured the American imagination for new and innovative styles.

The success of her Polish candle collection, paired with her fascination with Eastern philosophy and culture, inspired Alina to look to Asia and expand her vision. She now uses the same design standards in Asia as in Poland by utilizing unusual materials, innovative sculpting techniques, the finest quality beeswax, and the handwork of talented artisans to bring her designs to life.

Fashion-forward while respecting the traditional elements that inspire her, these beautiful works of art will light up your rooms in more ways than one...Another benefit of these candles is that beeswax is a natural ionizer. It emits negative ions when burning, which combat and reduce environmental pollution and indoor air problems in your home.

Alina offers a few simple tips for obtaining the most enjoyment with candles:

*The height of the wick determines the height of the flame. For optimal burning, trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting.
*With the initial burn of a candle, it should burn for 1 hour X its width in diameter - a 7" diameter candle should burn for 7 hours the first time you light it. This will allow the candle to burn down evenly each time you use it.
*Prevent uneven burning by keeping burning candles out of drafts.
*Use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame, to avoid spilling or spraying wax caused by blowing it out.
*Votive candles will clean up easily when 1/8" water is added to votive holders before inserting candle.
*Taper candles should be stored flat to prevent warping.
*Wax can easily be removed from candleholders or linens - place item in the freezer, let the wax harden, then scrape off with a credit card! No scratches!
*Always burn candles on a heat-resistant and non-combustible surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended.
*Keep candles up out of the reach of children and pets at all times.

Image Credits: c. Et Al Designs and Faded Elegance

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Here - We've got MILK!

You want it, We've got it - a Snohomish Exclusive at Faded Elegance!
Objects to desire
You've heard about them, seen them in magazines like INStyle…and this amazing line of fragrances from the makers of Lollia is now available in Snohomish – exclusively at Faded Elegance! From the darling vintage images used on the packaging to the unique scents with tantalizing names, you'll just love TOKYOMILK Parfumerie.

And what a perfect time of year to fall in love... These scents are perfectly formulated for spring and summer wear, including heady florals, delicious fruit and candy-sweet scents, and a new take on earthy musks. You are certain to find a new 'signature scent' for the season!

Parfum Fragrances include La petite No.2, French Kiss No. 15, Eden No.3, I want candy, Cherry No. 4, Cherry Bomb No.5, Contemplation No.7, Honey & Moon No.10, Let them eat cake No.11, and Gin & Rosewater No.12. Available at $24 each.

Lip Balm Flavors include Let them eat cake(Marie Antoinette) , Iced Green Tea (Geisha), Opera Mint (Victorian Ladies), Honey Blossom(Bee), and Cherry Bomb. Available at $11 each.
'We've got MILK!' Come in and fall in love today!
photo credits: individual bottle shots courtesy of TOKYOMILK TM, other photos c Faded Elegance 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

T.h.a.n.k Y.o.u!

We would like to offer a very heartfelt thank you to all of you, our wonderful customers and new friends, for coming out for the big citywide sale event last weekend. We so appreciate you making time to support local independent merchants... and we have some great things in store for you! Stay Tuned!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Citywide Antique Sale is Here!

The 27th Annual Snohomish Citywide Antique Sale will be held February 6th through 8th (this Friday through Sunday),with the whole town participating. You’ll enjoy discounts of 15% to 25% storewide at Faded Elegance, and we have something for everyone...

All 16 of the Fabulous Faded Elegance dealers have been bringing in a trove of treasures, and the store is brimming with new merchandise just in time for the sale!
Some new dealers have joined our team, adding even more to our beautiful selection of Antiques, Vintage, Paris Salon, Garden and Cottage style, and more...whatever your style is, you'll find it beautifully represented here!

So ladies, mark your calendars, spread the word, and grab your best gal pals for a fun weekend in beautiful downtown Historic Snohomish…there are great places for lunching, and a day spa, too! ;0)

(Oh, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: we have some FABulous Faded Elegance events in the works…so stay tuned for more details, coming soon!)

Elegantly Yours,