Thursday, December 4, 2008

Letters from Home

Or perhaps Letters to Home...or Letters that spell 'Home'....Faded Elegance has your letter!

These fabulous gilded letters, paired with our Austin Press Letter Press Monogrammed note cards and the book 'The Art of the Personal Letter' by Margaret Shepherd, make a perfectly personal gift idea for that special someone on your list who has everything.

Austin Press is a San Francisco company owned by Kimberly Austin. Kimberly makes all of her products by hand on her 8 X 12 Chandler & Price old-style letterpress. Beautiful details!

'The Art of the Personal Letter' reclaims the lost art of letter writing, giving you the gift of leisurely expression and allowing you to write beautiful, enduring letters to the people you care about—be it by hand or on a computer. For any occasion—whether you’re reaching out to connect with a long-lost friend or you want to express condolences with grace—author Margaret Shepherd gives you both the inspiration and the tools to write a memorable and meaningful letter that will be cherished by its recipient for years.

Photo Credits: Random House

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