Sunday, April 10, 2011

Your carriage, madam..

I get so tickled when I find unique display pieces for Faded Elegance. My heart skipped a beat when I came upon this golden carriage. It's new home is in our La Vie Parisienne jewelry case, showing off our beautiful French jewelry. Of course, Chloe wants the golden carriage in her princess bedroom!

This French Curio is sooo yummy!

This vintage French Country lamp is to die for! Okay, my heart skipped a bit twice that day.

Take a {peek} at a few of our treasures that you will find upstairs!

I love all tr0phies especially when they are encrusted in German glass glitter.

Amy's Key lamp~sooo clever!

This is just a peek at what's new at Faded Elegance!

Keep posted for the weekely {Peek} inside Faded Elegance


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