Saturday, January 29, 2011

Las Vegas Design Center & World Market

I have just returned from the Las Vegas World Market and Design Center. It's amazing what a little sunshine and a good dose of inspiration will do for your mood.My dad heard that I was going to Vegas and decide to come along. After working at the market all day we would meet go to dinner and a show and yes gamble. I am not sure if you can really call what I do gambling but I did win $200.00 on a slot machine.

I loved this very inspirational exhibit, 12 Swedish designers
each designed a living space. I found it very interesting.

This was my first time at the Vegas market, I was very impressed. It's broken down into 3 building the A, B and C building with a huge outside common grounds with white leather couches. They have the Cloud 9 bar for buyers with models dressed in all white serving drinks and nibbles. Very chic!
I loved the new color palette for Shabby Chic. The showroom was very calming with the greys and blue hues. They are replacing Rachel Ashwell's signature pink with a french blue.
I just LOVE this new line of handmade art panels. We will be available in at Faded Elegance by February 14th. You can special order any of the art in 27 custom colors.
We will also have the art panels with Cork and fabric attached to the wood panel.

I love the French Grain panel, we will have it in both wood and fabric.
We will have numbers and monograms. I also ordered the linen pillows, the eye chart pillow and panel are super cool.
I also found some neat french country accent pieces from a new line. I "heart" these golden wings, sorry bad picture but I just had to share!
Great burlap french bulletin board.
Too cute!
Adore these little bottles!
Great burlap wine bag and tote.

Bumped into my friends from Lynden, Grandiflora. We were chatting when Chrishopher Lowell walks by, we waved a chatted with him as he went up the escalator. I think we really made his day;) If you haven't been to Grandiflora, you have to check it out when your in Lynden!

My next post will be on color trends, each week I will post on a trend so keep posted!
We still have room in our Craft Class February 4th 6-9 pm
Create your own one of a kind Crown! RSVP space is limited.

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Trisha Brink Design said...

Hee hee hee....I thought I heard a little squeal!!!! ;o) Nice job on your post! We never made it to the Shabby Chic showroom....bummer, hope you are doing well. Sounds like we will enjoy a bit of sunshine here now??? Hoping so! Cheers my dearie, and thanks for the plug! Hope to come down and visit during Ruffles and Rust?!?!
Trish ;o)