Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I’ve fallen off the blog and facebook wagon…

I’ve fallen off the blog and facebook wagon…
But I am back! I’ll just get caught up:)
October was a crazy month for us at Faded Elegance. I just love October, not just because it’s my Birthday month.

You all know that Chloe and I take Halloween very seriously. We plan all year what she’s going to be. Last year she was Marie Antoinette, which was really hard to top this year. Chloe had decided on Repunzel, unfortunately when I went to order her costume from Chasing Fireflies it was sold out. We than decide to go with the French Can-Can dancer. (Chloe calls it the French Cha-Cha dancer) Well, Rocco our dog had to get in the action, so Rocco was a Caveman with wig and all.

{Rocco the Caveman}

Chloe giving out candy.

Rocco played too hard!

Kendhal even dressed up, too cute!

We have our Halloween traditions, First we give out Candy to all the Trick or Treaters at the store. After that my entire family meets up at my Grandmother’s house for dinner and trick or treating. Most of us show up in some sort of costume. We have friends stopping in throughout the evening dressed up.
Chloe with our dear friends from my Grandmother’s neighborhood.

Katie, Mari and I hit the road to Ruffles and Rust in October. We had a great time, it was a fantastic show very well run. My camera died so we took pictures with Katie’s Camera. (Hint Hint Katie, I am still waiting for pictures;)) I bought myself a B.day present, the most fabulous French top hat with a great graphic hat box. Our Faded Elegance dealer’s spaces were the BEST!
Well I think that pretty much gets everyone caught up! Keep posted I will be posting about our Holiday Events.
I promise to be better from now on:)

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Ormolulu said...


I'm so glad you liked the French Top Hat you purchased from Ormolulu at Ruffles & Rust . . . hope it was a very happy birthday!!

~ Debi