Monday, June 28, 2010

Check out our TV commercial on channel 7

TADA! Faded Elegance and Historic Downtown Snohomish now has a 4th of July commercial on Channel 7. With much hard work on behalf of Historic Downtown Snohomish, we now have a Snohomish merchant commercial. We worked with Sparky Taft of Dynamic Results to develop a merchant commercial package to concide with our Historic Downtown Snohomish commercial . Thank you Sparky and Debbie CG, it was a pleasure collaborating with you.

Check out our commercial and look for it on TV .

Come Shop,Dine and Sip in Historic Downtown Snohomish.

Many merchants will be having specials for the weekend.
I cant think of a better place to spend the weekend~Kimberly


Shell said...

Looks Great Kimberly! And the shop looked great when I stopped in there last week!


BuNgAlOw BaY said...

Thanks so much for all your hard work Kimberly ~ As a vendor all your extra effort is MUCH appreciated!
Michelle :)

Unknown said...

Hey, Kimberly! I love your blog and the tv ad looks awesome! Let's go to Snohomish!!