Sunday, March 14, 2010

Georgianna Lane

I am always surprised by the talented people that I meet in my store. Georgianna Lane is a very talented freelance photographer who is as lovely as her pictures. I love getting lost in her blog. I swear that I can smell the fragrant scents of the flowers that she captures in her pictures.

Febuary 14th Georgianna and her husband spent the day in Snohomish and took the most beautiful pictures of the store.

I totally suggest losing yourself in Georgianna's blog, it's the best cure for Spring Fever. Also check out her work on Etsy:

1 comment:

Shell said...

Very Fun Kimberly! Do we live in a great community or what? Physically and Virtual! So fun to find different people with talents!

Hope you guys had a good weekend,,,,,I have "the crud/the flu-whatever. Hit me like a truck on Friday afternoon.

Hope you all stay healthy because it IS going around and around Snohomish!!

Cyber hugs-aren't you glad?