Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year

I want to take a moment and wish our wonderful customers and blog followers Happy New Year! Enjoy the time with your family and Friends. I am thankful for your continue support of Faded Elegance, you make it possible for me to follow my bliss. Thank you for a fabulous 2009!
For our Holiday Open House, we shared holiday decorating and entertaining tips. I made signs and we displayed tips throughout the store. Hope this helps to inspire you!

The French love sparklers, on my 40th Birthday in Paris we had dinner at the most fabulous French Restaurant Julien. When the wait staff found out that it was my Birthday, they surprised me with Creme Brulee and sparklers for birthday candles. It was totally magical. Check out Julien at http://www.julienparis.com/

Last August, Dee met her daughter in Paris and brought back a very special entertaining tip.
"This past summer I was sitting in an outdoor cafe in Paris with my daughter. It was midnight and people were everywhere! We ordered Champagne to celebrate, and when it came, I knew this would be the new thing I would do for special occasions. Each glass had a strawberry on the sided with a lit sparkler though it!"
Hope you enjoy this as much as I did
~A La Votrel! Cheers- Dee Masion

Use Vintage mirrors in a new way.. place one on your dinning room table as the platform for your centerpiece for added sparkle. Hang a small embellished mirror on your front door as an alternative to a wreath. ~Blessings Jan Marie Lapsansky
"One of my favorite chores is setting an attractive and inviting table with fancy folded napkins. For folding ideas and instructions go to MarthStewart.com"
~Happy Holidays Jo Marie Richman

" Add interest and height to your vignettes by using cake stands. Antique mirrored stands ass drama and light. "
~Enjoy Darcie De Bortole

"Place card holders created from lone salt and pepper shakers can either designate a place setting for a guest or identify entrees on a buffet table. Insert a photo or favorite quote to ass interest to a bookshelf- endless possibilities!
~Happy New Years! Amy Duncan

This Punch is always a hit at our events. It look wonderful in a beautiful crystal beverage server. You can always try different fruits to float.
Mock Champagne Punch
Mix Ginger Ale with Apple Juice. Float sliced Apples and pour into an elegant decanter to serve
~Merci Kimberly

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