Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chocolate, wine and good company….

What an evening; Wine, chocolate and good company what more could a girl ask for?
Faded Elegance’s Girls’ Night In was a hit. We tasted 4 fabulous wines with 4 different chocolate parings.

· Zardetto, Brut Pivate Cuvee from Italy paired with a Vanilla Truffle
· Bernard Griffin, Merlot 2006 Columbia Valley paired with a Loganberry Truffle
· Artezin, Zinfandel 2007, Mendocino County paired with a Double Chocolate Truffle
· Bogle, Petite Sirah Port 2006, California limited release, paired with a Raspberry TruffleTonya, Nancy and I recruited our husbands to pour and serve the wine.

Thanks guys you did a fabulous job!

The BeeHive Day Spa Ladies, Nancy and Tonya.
Tonya and Nancy made custom body soaks using dead sea salt. Tonya gave everyone recipes for personalizing your body soak with items from your garden.

These Yummy bath soaks smelled so good! Tonya used Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Powdered Milk and Organic Coconut.

Sara and Terry of Buchanan Chocolates provided us with pure chocolate bliss.
We were able to sample with our wine pairings an decadent Vanilla Truffle, Loganberry Truffle, Double Chocolate Truffle and my favorite, Raspberry Truffle.

Faded Elegance is proud to carry these fine local chocolates. Buchanan two-bite truffle has a crisp outer shell of pure Belgian chocolate with a silky smooth ganache center.

Mother and Daughter Party Girls!
Tina and Maria have attended several of our Faded Elegance Events. It’s always nice to visit with our wonderful customers and friends.

The amazing Amada Lebel, of Over The top Studio, brought exclusive and one- o-f kind creations for our Trunk show.

Faded Elegance is excited to present “A Craft-y Evening”. Learn the tricks of the trade from Amada. She is being featured in Seattle Bride Magazine. Make a special, one of a kind memento gift box. We will supply all the supplies, just bring your creativity. Rsvp, seating is limited. Fee: $20.00 includes all supplies. Keep posted more details to come!

Thank you for coming to our Girls’ Night In. I enjoyed visiting with everyone. I look forward to our next event. We’ll come up with an excuse to stay open late for shopping and visiting with the girls! To be the first to know about our events and sales please sign up on our email list.
See you soon!


Shelly Rollins said...

It was a great evening girls! The store looked awesome and Spa, Chocolate, Wine and Whimsey? What more could a girl ask for???

I have to laugh though, next event you need to have a bag check,,for safety and comfort!! My arm was sore at work today from carrying the current "suitcase" last nite and and extra pair of shoes from work AND "hugging" it next to my body so I wouldn't impede traffic or destroy any displays!! After examining the handbags of many event attenders, I'm sure there were others that would have benefitted from "checking their luggage!!"

Im already crafting with the Vintage wallpaper I bought!! Love it! Fun night, let's do more!

(Joyworks gal)Aka Gal with "baggage."

mari said...

a fabulous night! you always throw the best parties!

Linda Q said...

Thank you Kimberly and all your helpers! It was really fun, I enjoyed coming and finding some wee treasures to take home.
Also was thrilled to meet the gals from the spa, as they might have something to help my illnesses that I have been looking for.
Will look forward to more fun events in the future!
Glad it was a success for you.
Linda Q

Anonymous said...

Aww! I cannot believe I missed this one! All my fave ladies were there, too! Nancy and Tonya look fabulous as always and I would have loved their bath soak. Next one for sure!!!