Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On My Elegant Bookshelf

With the dark evenings and stormy weekends of winter now upon us, it's the perfect time to replenish our souls. Curl up in a chair by the fire, sip a cup of tea, and lose your cares in the pages of a beautiful book... ah, yes - 'ME time'!

I'd love to share my favorite new books with you... the ones I've recently added to my 'Elegant Bookshelf', and find myself drawn to time and time again.

French Chic, Vintage French Decor, and New Entertaining in the French Style

Bringing Paris Home, French Country Hideaways, and One Hundred and One Beautiful Castles in France

Paris Chic & Trendy, Markets of Paris, Chic Shopping in Paris, and Love Poems & Love Sonnets. (Hmmmnnn...Paris does indeed seem to be the theme, doesn't it?!)

All of these books are available for purchase in the shop, as well. Don't forget to come in and enroll in our Elegant Gift Registry, and add some of your favorite books to your Wish List!

Happy Reading...

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