Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trunk Show at Our Grand Opening!

A marvelous selection of very special and limited edition products will be available during our Grand Opening Festivities on Friday night. Product representative Cindy MacIver will present a trunk show, featuring two luxurious lines...

PURE Home Fragrance
Since 2001, Pure Home Fragrance has been enjoyed by those who appreciate natural home fragrances. Candles are hand-poured and made with only the finest ingredients and all Natural Wicks. Offered in Sylized Glass Jars with Chrome Lids, Pure Home Fragrance Candles are 100% Green and 100% Recyclable, too! Through the "Science of Scent"© the designers have created a way to enhance your home environment naturally, using Pure Essential Oils in their candles and reed diffusers - all available in a beautiful selection of natural scents.

Pure Sanctuary Jewelry is a limited edition line of collectable charms and chains. Inspired by antique French jewelry and metalwork, Pure Sanctuary features fleur de lis, crowns, shields, and crests as well as sweet words and letters to create your own individual statement. Currently all the rage in Hollywood, these pieces are being snapped up by starlets and stylists seeking unique items. Available only in select markets (and on secretive film shoots & studio backlots!), it is now an exclusive at Faded Elegance!
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