Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Historic Snohomish Parlor Tour-Happy Holidays!

Sunday morning I was looking forward to the Historic Snohomish Parlor Tour. The past several weeks I had been chatting with several of my customers that were on the tour this year. I was so looking forward to seeing every ones holiday decorations. That all ended when I received a call from Kassidy at the store, our pipes had burst. I quickly drove to the store to move furniture and bailout water. Kassidy was a life save, she quickly moved furniture before the Fire Department and I could make it to the store. The Snohomish Fire Department were wonderful. Thank you! So long story short once again I missed the Historic Snohomish Parlor Tour.

Stephanie was kind enough to invite me to her house, I had been hearing about her house all week after the tour. Stephanie has created such a warm vintage living space in a wonderful new house. In the store many customers exclaim, "I love Antique and Vintage furniture and accessories, but I live in a new house" well Stephanie proves that it can be done.
I have found my design soul sister, I already knew this since she always buys my favorite finds. We had a fabulous time walking through her house sharing NYC flea market stories.
Stephanie has a fantastic attention to detail. I loved the chalkboard on her kitchen cabinet with french writing.
This is where her dog, jack's food and water is kept on a silver tray with this darling chalkboard. Now that we have a new puppy, I'll have to think of something this creative.

Stephanie and her husband found a antique wood from a salvage store and built their fire place mantel.

Her table setting was delightful! Stephanie used different heights to add drama and interest along with unique found objects. Beautiful!
I use found objects and items with personal meaning in my own decorating. When we have company, people always wander around looking at my vintage finds. I always have a story or memory of where I found the treasure. Stephanie has a garden urn filled with shells from a trip to Florida with her family.
Thank you Stephanie for sharing your house and wonderful holiday spirit. I am posting more photos of Stephanie's house and holiday decorating on Face Book. To view click on the above Face Book button and become a Friend.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Katie said...

So sorry to hear about the burst pipes, Kimberly...Thanks for sharing photos of Stephanies' stunning home...Merry Christmas, Katie